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Traitors or Patriots? :A Story of the German Anti-Nazi Resistance

Drawing on extensive sources, author Louis R. Eltscher examines the role of German anti-Nazi resistance inside the Third Reich in Traitors or Patriots?  Beginning with the post-World War I German society that led to Hitler’s role as Führer, Eltscher documents the rise of anti-Nazi activity, different types of resistance groups, and the difficulties in achieving organization.


In addition, Eltscher discusses the role of the German Army in great detail.  He reveals how the resistance determined that Hitler’s elimination by the Germany Army remained the key to success.  Eltscher profiles key resistance figures, considers the reality of an omnipresent totalitarian police state, and studies the moral issues the resistors faced.


Presented within the broader context of German history and contemporary world events, this comprehensive study relies on extensive historiography by noted scholars to produce a well-balanced, timely narrative of the German resistance to one of modern history’s most violent regimes.